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CINAHL with Full Text: Guide

About CINAHL with Full Text

CINAHL with Full text contains full-text articles from over 600 nursing and allied health journals, plus details of articles from over 2000 additional journals.

As well as full coverage of nursing and midwifery topics the database also covers topics relating to physiotherapy, occupational therapy, radiography, pharmacy, public health, health promotion, nutrition and biomedical sciences.


Finding Journal Articles

When searching for journal articles, break down your topic into keywords and phrases.

Enter these words and phrases on different lines. Place quotation marks around phrases to ask the database to find the words within the quotation marks together as a phrase.


For example, if you are looking for articles on wound care in relation to diabetes enter the phrase "wound care" on one line and the word diabetes on another. This will find any article which mentions both these concepts.

At the bottom of the search screen you will see Search Options. In most cases you will not need to use these options, and most can be applied once you see your list of results. If you have, however, been asked by your lecturer to find only Peer Reviewed material you may wish to select Peer Reviewed.

Once you have entered relevant keywords and phrases, click Search to view a list of results.

   Top Tip!

If your search results are disappointing, try to think of different ways of expressing your topic. For "wound care" you could try "wound management" or just wounds.

If you add the wildcard symbol * to the root of a word you can find all words beginning with the letters in front of it - so diabet* would find diabetic and diabetes at the same time.

Click on the title of a particularly relevant article to view the summary and see what subject terms have been used to describe that article. You can then search on those terms.

To find out more about how to plan a search, create a search strategy and use different search techniques explore the planning your search module on CampusMoodle.



Narrowing Down your Search


You can then use the options on the left of the screen under Refine Results to narrow down your search. You may wish to slide across the bar under Publication Date to limit your results to those from a particular time period.

Further down this section you may find options to narrow your search by:

  • source (type of material)
  • subject
  • publication
  • language

Please note that a limit once applied stays in place until you click to remove it.




Getting the Full Text


You can see further details, and a summary, of any items listed on CINAHL by clicking on the title of the item in the results list.

If the article you require has a PDF icon underneath or adjacent to it, click on it to view the full text. You can then choose to download, print or email the article, as well as adding details of articles to a Folder. These details can be emailed to yourself or transferred to RefWorks.

If the article you require does not have a PDF icon, it is not available in full text on CINAHL in Full Text. However, it may be available in full text elsewhere in our collection - check by clicking on Full Text @ RGU.

   Top Tip!

Some articles may have the link Times Cited in this Database under them. Click on it to find details of other newer articles, some in full text, which have included this article in their list of references and may discuss similar topics.


Full Text at RGU

Full Text @ RGU makes it easier for you to track down the article you are interested in - locate the full text online or check to see if RGU Library has a paper copy of the article.

To see if full text is available, first click on the Full Text @ RGU logo (usually under the article).

The Full Text @ RGU page will open. If the article is available in full text via alternative databases, the links will appear under 'Full Text'. 

You might be required to log in using your RGU username and password. Then, you should get access to the full text article.

Paper copies of the journal articles might be available in the Library. In these cases, links will appear under 'Print Holdings'. Click on the available links to check whether the years you require are available.

If available, visit the Library and have a look for the journal on the shelves. If you are a distance learning student and only paper copies are available, you can place a scanning / photocopying request

If Full Text @ RGU shows that the article is not available online or in paper, then RGU does not have access to the article.

However there are other options that can be explored to get hold of the item such as inter-library loans. Please contact the library ( if you wish to know more.

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