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Mintel: Guide

About Mintel

Mintel is one of the world's largest market research companies. Our subscription to Mintel Academic provides access to the following materials:

  • Reports covering a range of consumer markets including household goods, clothing, footwear, beauty products, leisure, health, travel, tourism and technology
  • Analysts Insights providing analysis on the latest developments within markets
  • News items



Type in the name of a market, product or company and click on Search to view a list of reports, insights and news items which mention your topic.

Use the options on the left of the screen to narrow by date and type of content. Click on the name of the item you require to access the full-text.









Choose Category Overview if you would like to bring together all relevant materials by Sector, Theme or Demographic.
Choosing the theme Brexit, for example, will allow you to view infographic overviews from reports, statistics, data and other relevant insights and news items.


Choose What's New if you wish to browse the latest Analyst Insights (comments by Mintel specialists on developments in markets, major companies and brands etc.), All News (summaries of news items on all markets covered in our subscription) and Media news (summaries of news items focusing on advertising agencies, media topics).

   Top Tip!

Choose Quarterly Updates to view quarterly reports on Consumers and the Economic Outlook (covering issues like financial confidence and spending plans) and Leisure Outlook (covering leisure activities and spending).




Viewing a Report

Click on the name of a report to access the introductory screen for that report.  Choose Table of contents to view a list of sections within the report. Select the one you require.


At the top of each section you will find a dropdown menu allowing you to move to another section of the same report.


Using Data

You will find tables of data within many of the sections of the report. 

Beneath these tables you will find an option to Download the data into a spreadsheet or to Create a new graph.


Alternatively, if you wish to bring all the tables from a report together in one screen return to the introductory page for the report (by clicking on the name of the report) and choose View Tables at the top of the contents list.

The introductory screen for the report also gives you the option to download the Databook for the whole report to an Excel spreadsheet.  You can then manipulate the data as required.

Saving, Printing, Exporting

Choose the relevant icon to save content to a Word file, print it or export it to a basket.


   Top Tip!

It is not possible to save or print an entire report in one go.  Instead, export each individual section of a report you require to a basket.  You can then click on Export Basket (at the top right of the screen) to view the items in your Basket and choose to download then as one file in rich text format (rtf) or as a zip file.       01224 263450        RGU Library       @RGULibrary        Library Matters: RGU Library Blog