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Finding Journals: Guide


Finding Journals


The Library has a large range of journals that are available for you to access and use as a student, researcher or staff member of RGU.

Most of the time you will be using the databases to search for a full range of journal articles on a topic but sometimes you may want to find out if we have a specific journal title, what years we have, if it is online or in print and how you can access it.

This guide gives information about what journals are available in print and shows you how to use the LibrarySearch service to find and access eJournals.




Finding Print Journals


You can find out what journals are available at RGU in print by using either the excel or PDF list linked below.

The list tells you the journal title, the ISSN, where to find the journal and what years are available. For example:

Please note that the date information for the print journals is being reviewed.

Once you have found the journal title you are interested in:

  • If the journal is available on level 8 you can then come in and locate the journal on the shelves.
  • If it is available in the level 2 store please make a request with the reception desk for it to be retrieved.
  • If you are a distance learner you can make a request for an article from the journal to be sent to you (click here for more information).




Finding eJournals using LibrarySearch


To find out if we have a journal online you can use the new LibrarySearch in a couple of different ways.

You can use the LibrarySearch box either on the library home page or within the main LibrarySearch page and then use the refining options or you can use the dedicated Journal Search option.


Journal Search


To locate this option go to the main LibrarySearch page and then above the search box there are a series of headings, one of these is Journal Search.



Click this and it will take you to a dedicated search page for journal titles where you can search for a journal title or ISSN:



You will then be shown a page of results and if your journal is available online from RGU you will find it in the list.

To find out what years are available and to access the journal click available online.

This will take you to the full record and give you links to get to the journal home page, log in when prompted to get access.



Using the Refining options


If you search for a journal using the search box on the library home page or you use the main LibrarySearch box then simply do a search for the journal title:


Your list of results will have a mix of books, articles, journals and more within it so you will need to narrow them down.

Go to the refining options on the left of the screen and use the resource type filter to narrow down your results to journals.


If RGU has the journal you should be able to track it down in the results list and then explore the years that are available and access the journal as described above.

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